Violate's goal is to create the highest end fitness line possible, without breaking the bank like the other athleisure brands! We believe having producing superior workout clothes is the key to a successful business. Experience the difference yourself!


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Had a snag in them when I got them and over priced for what they are

Cute and soft

Love these because they remind me of my mom when she was young. They fit well and are short.

Like butter!

I absolutely loved these leggings! They fit perfectly and we’re so incredibly comfortable. I will definitely be purchasing in other colors!

Love the colors

I love all the color adoptions there is.

These leggings are my new favorite!

When it comes to finding the perfect blend of comfort, style, and performance in workout apparel, Violate the Dress Code has consistently exceeded expectations. Their pink camo leggings are no exception, proving to be an exceptional addition to any fitness wardrobe.

Right off the bat, the softness of the material is what sets these leggings apart. They offer a comforting, second-skin feel that you must experience to believe. Even during the most rigorous workouts, these leggings provide a level of comfort that helps keep you focused on your performance without any distractions.

The vibrant pink camo pattern is not just eye-catching but exudes a fierce, bold vibe that makes you feel unstoppable. Despite the bright color, these leggings are designed for those who dare to stand out and feel strong. Wearing them, I not only felt empowered but also embraced a sense of individual style that added an extra boost to my gym routine.

Moreover, the way these leggings contour and enhance the glutes is truly remarkable. The thoughtful design accentuates your natural shape, providing a flattering fit that boosts confidence and allows you to celebrate your body’s strength and capabilities.

Violate the Dress Code has become my go-to brand for workout wear that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality. These pink camo leggings are a testament to their commitment to quality and empowering fashion. If you’re looking to make a bold statement while enjoying supreme comfort and performance, look no further.

Rating: 5/5 – A perfect score for the most comfortable, stylish, and empowering leggings on the market!

Love this shirt!

As someone who values both aesthetics and performance in gym wear, I've found a true gem in this t-Shirt. This isn't just any workout attire; it's a blend of cutting-edge style and functionality that elevates my gym sessions to a whole new level.

The first thing you notice about this T-shirt is its unique, high-quality material. The custom fabric not only offers incredible four-way stretch but also maintains a snug, comfortable fit that moves with you, adapting to every motion during my workouts. Whether it's lifting weights or intense cardio sessions, this T-shirt has proven to withstand the rigors of active wear without sacrificing comfort.

Design-wise, Violate hits the mark with both edgy and sophisticated elements. The scalloped bottom isn’t just stylish; it adds a touch of modern elegance that sets this T-shirt apart from standard gym wear. However, the true centerpiece is the iconic Skull logo – a symbol of boldness and strength that resonates deeply with the spirit of resilience and determination.

This T-shirt is more than just a piece of clothing. It's a statement. Wearing it, I not only feel more confident but also empowered, embodying the essence of freedom of expression and strength that Violate aims to inspire in its wearers. It’s a reminder of why I hit the gym—to feel energized, motivated, and ready to take on challenges both in and out of the gym.

To anyone looking to upgrade their workout wardrobe with a piece that captures the essence of both fashion and functionality, this one is a masterpiece reinvented, perfect for those who want to look as good as they feel while owning their workouts.

Rating: 5/5 – Perfect blend of style, comfort, and motivation!

Synergy White Camo Seamless Leggings

Luxe Fuchsia Mesh Shorts
Silvia Cuartero Martinez
Me encantan

Son muy cómodos, el color es precioso y realzan mucho el glúteo, no transparentan y las rejillas le dan un toque súper especial


So comfortable! So soft and figure flattering !

My GF Absolutely Loves These!

I must have bought 10 different leggings from Violate for my girlfriend, but these are her favorite. They're butter soft with a lot of support. They look amazing on her! She absolutely loves the nude color.


I want to buy a pair for everyday of the week! They are so comfortable and I never have to readjust them throughout the day and that’s a bonus

Love these ✨

I love these leggings! They are comfy and hold everything together. The color is amazing, I got so many compliments.

Vice Maaxx Coral Leggings
Vanessa Heilman

Perfect fit !


Bought one, put it on, immediately went and bought 2 more. The best bra for any workout or for just wearing around everyday. Also super flattering for muscular/small chested girls and insanely comfortable

Gift Card
Joshua Stewart
Gift for my wife

Got my wife a giftcard for her to get what she wanted. My wife loved this brand says ists outstanding product-line very comfortable! Indeed I like them as well! :)

Vice Black Leggings
Brianna Hernandez

These are buttery soft and breathable. They have great compression! Love the shape of the waist band in the front! I would recommend sizing up if you are in between sizes.

Similar to the tan leggings these shorts also had a couple runs in them and the seams have loose threads. Awaiting company reply but so far they have been very good with their customer service

Great shorts! Company ships fast, love the way they fit and they make my butt look better than it does already!! 😎

Great shorts!

The company shipped very fast and these blue shorts are nearly perfect. Makes my butt look better than it does already 😎

Love the fabric!! Great fit!! Super flattering

Vice Blue Leggings
Evelyn Tanner
Love love love

These are so comfy and they fit great!

Love them!!

They fit perfectly, and I love the v waist, it makes the waist look smaller, the fabric is so comfortable, and has great stretch with good structure as well.

Bottom of legs roll up

I didn’t like the visible scrunch

Amazing shorts

I love the design of all shorts, and the touch, the material… perfect to combine with a top or sport bra! I definitely will buy more !