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1-on-1 coaching with the Violate Squad

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Healthy Habit Coaching

Foods You Love

Innovative Training


It shouldn't feel like a chore to diet. Learn how to make a diet work for your life and not your life work for a diet.


You work so hard to achieve success. Get off the hamster wheel of playing catch up every year just to start over next year.


We're tired of the horror stories our clients tell us of past trainers giving them too few calories, restricting food choices, and excessive workouts. Clearly one size fits all plans, only hurting your health.


Your Violate Coach will use ONLY the foods you enjoy eating, making it easy for you to stick to the plan.


Whether you need results quick for a wedding, or a slow 16 week competition prep; the Violate coaches teach you how to keep results for the long haul.


Once you sign up, we send you a form to gether your information. We use this detailed information to create a plan truly made for only for you.



Personalized 4 week training plan focused on your goals.

In Home "No Equipment" Violate Training Ebook.

In Gym "Limited Equipment" Violate Training Ebook.

Meal Plan

Personalized 4 week meal plan using only foods YOU want to eat.

A daily macronutrient target plan with an IIFYM guide.

Weekly or Monthly adjustments to your meal plan (made as needed).

Specialty plans for hectic schedules, moms cooking for the family, and medical conditions.

Coaching Support

Weekly Habit Tracker

24 hour email access to Violate coaches/athletes.

Weekly Accountability check in via email.

Weekly behavior change goals with your behavior change specialist.

A Message From The Violate Squad

The Violate Squad has teamed up to fight the incredible amount of misinformation on the internet and social media. We constantly see celebrity trainers profiting from giving the same plan to everyone, and NEVER ACTUALLY TALKING TO YOU! They leave you with half effective plans, and coming back for months because you think they care.


The Violate Squad delivers specific, science based meal plans & training plans made ONLY FOR YOU. On top of that we guide you through our coaching based on behavior science. In other words, we want you to become self reliant.


We give you the foods you love at the amounts and times you need. Can someone say lunch nachos...ON A DIET!!!


We give you the training that keeps you challenged, entertained, and wanting to do more! That means limited cardio...unless you want it.


We show you how to make this into a habit. Your life shouldn’t revolve around fitness. Fitness should fit into your life! ...want ice cream at night? DONE!

On top of all of this you get to interact with your favorite Violate athlete and the rest of the Violate community!

How Do You Start?

If you sign up with a code from an athlete, that athlete will be your primary coach.

Other coaches on the Violate Team will be assisting them as needed.

Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive an email with a link.

Click the link in the email and fill out the intake form.

Once we receive your pictures and information the coach you are assigned to begins creating your plan.

Typically it takes 3-5 business days to create your hand made custom program. We like giving our coaches the weekend for family time.

Once you receive your plan, read over everything. Success is in the details.

Go shopping with your grocery list and begin prepping. If you have questions or tips to make meal prep easier, ask your coach!


Angelica Sousa

"I've been apart of the Violate Squad for only 3 months. I've lost 30 pounds, learned to track macros, became stronger, and eating more food than I've ever eaten in a day! I'll never use another coaching service."

Stephani Adams

"Every coach I've interacted with on Team Violate has been amazing. So many tips and recipes to help. As a working mom who cooks every morning & night for a family of four, I don't have much time. Sabrina, Alyssa, and Jessie have ensured the meals my family love also works for my meal plan so I only cook one meal not one for them and one for me."

Lilly Valdez

"I've been competing for 6 years in in Pro Bikini. After all that time I left my coach of all those years and worked with Violate. In 6 months I transformed my physique and got my first ever, then second pro win! Both within 6 weeks of each other! Never using anyone else."

Brianna Williams

"Going to the gym for years I never got the results I wanted. I'd do hours of cardio, some lifting. THEN I got pregnant thinking I'd never be the same or reach my goals. I started working with Violate only a week before finding out I'm pregnant, I was going to ask for a refund or a pause in coaching. Instead I used their coaching during the entire pregnancy. 13 months later my body is better than ever before! "

Clients We Can Help

We want to help everyone at every level love the way they feel, and love how they look.

  • Transformation Clients
  • Athlete Clients
  • Health Concerned Clients

The majority of our clients, past and present, are either looking to become healthy or are athletes looking to step up performance. Through the combination of our premier nutrition, training, and behavior change model, we have helped thousands of clients lose thousands of pounds.

Some clients have lost 200+ lbs, some balance their fitness & family life, some just like to get shredded for the warm weather. Whatever your inspiration we capitalize on your motivation to create real change.

Your fitness goals should fit your life, your life shouldn’t bend to your fitness goals. We guide you to instil habits which allow you to make your lifestyle and fitness work insync, after a while you won’t even have to think about it.

Our team of coaches have worked with athletes and competitors of all levels. We have worked with professional/ Olympic fighters, world class power lifters/ Olympic lifters, top Olympia & WBFF competitors of all classes.

We are going to guide you through detailed meal planning as we push you through our rigorous & innovative training models!

We are able to work with people with various medical issues, we have Registered Dietitians on our team who are legally cleared to help special populations. Registered Dietitians or RD's are the only health professionals legally cleared and most well equipped to handle the implications of food and your health. This includes:

Before, during, and post pregnancy - Diabetes Type 1 & 2 - Eating Disorders - IBS - High Blood Pressure - Heart Disease - Osteoporosis - Cancer - Gastric Surgery - Obesity - and many more.

What if we told you there are
3 common diet mistakes many
trainers have their clients make?

Mistake #1:
Forcing you to eat clean foods.

The diet style that works best is the diet that you enjoy the most. If you love carbs then keto won't be sustainable for you, and you can get the same results from eating carbs.

When you sign up with us, pick the foods YOU LOVE. We will create recipes/ meals using only those foods! All foods are on the table.

Mistake #2:
Giving workouts you hate.

Like your diet, you need to enjoy your workout. That doesn't mean it needs to be easy, in fact you need the exact opposite. Your training needs to challenge you, push you, & have you wanting to come back for more each day.

Violate Coaching uses an innovative & dynamic approach to training. If anything is too hard or easy, our coaches work with you to make changes. Keeping you engaged with goals you want to achieve.

Mistake #3:
Not giving you enough calories.

You heard that right! Your metabolism is an incredible adaptable, and trainable system. Most trainers starve their clients so they "feel" like they're dieting and they see results. Dieting doesn't have to be unpleasant. In fact, many times slightly higher calories with harder workouts are more effective at fat loss.

This is not to say eating more calories will make you lose weight. In time though, we can train you to lose weight while eating more calories due to a higher metabolism.

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