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The Tigress

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Untamable! Introducing, "The Tigress" by Violate the Dress Code. The brand new Tigress design is wild and sexy! Inspired by superheroes both on the big screen and comic books, these leggings were created to accentuate your body in all the right places and to remain comfortable and durable enough for any activity—from fighting crime to squatting heavy! Be assured, this high end fabric does have superpowers, but none of those include becoming translucent while using yours. From the strategically curved stripes and highlights on the glutes to the intricately detailed strands of hair, Violate the Dress Code’s Tigress leggings make you the fiercest, most bootylicious action figure in the gym!

  • Extremely high quality 73% Polyester 27% Spandex blend
  • Moisture-wicking and compressive!
  • Unparalleled quality and fit

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