Violate The Dress Code

Impossible is just an OPINION Women's Racerback

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Where would we be if people never took risks? What if we believed everything we were told? What if Christopher Columbus never set sail across the sea?

In life we must be bold, take risks, chances AND never give up because of someone else's doubt!
Never let anyone's negative mind impact your goals and dreams. Let them sit back, while you live life bold and ambitiously!

That is the mindset behind Violate the Dress Codes new design, "Impossible is just an OPINION"!

This super comfortable racer-back triblend tank top is made with a light, antiqued print style, along with a bold custom seafoam ink design element that stands out from the crowd!

  • 50/25/25 polyester/cotton/rayon blend
  • racer-back tank top

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