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Violate The Dress Code

Desire Red Shorts

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RED HOT! Our gorgeous red shorts are here! We raised the waist band 1.5 inches ( 3.81cm) to ensure you're comfort while training and stretching! The pattern was custom made in house to accentuate natural beauty of the female physique! The luxurious red supplex fabric has our contrasting black Desire curve in solid black! This pattern ads as a highlight to accentuate and exaggerate curves of your booty! These red hot shorts are a must have!
The Supplex fabric blend is a perfect combination of nylon and spandex has created the ultimate curve – appeal that will turn heads at every corner.

  • Waist Raised 1.5 inches ( 3.81cm)  from previous styles of shorts
  • V Tapered waistband to give the illusion of a smaller waist
  • Violate's custom pattern to accentuate the glutes
  • High end Supplex fabric
  • Sweat Wicking material

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